Why SimplyThick?

Swallowing disorders, known generally as dysphagia, can make seemingly routine things like eating and drinking difficult—even hazardous.

A dysphagia diagnosis can be devastating, but SimplyThick can help to make what was once a struggle into part of a normal, easy routine.

There are several brands of thickeners on the market, but SimplyThick is unique because it uses xanthan gum rather than starch to thicken liquids, making them thicker without compromising safety or taste—helping dysphagia patients enjoy the food and drink they’ve always enjoyed (including carbonated drinks like beer and soda) without compromise.

“SimplyThick is easy to use because it mixes well with all beverages without changing the taste. I use the nectar consistency individual packets. I was treated for throat cancer and swallowing thin liquids was almost impossible without aspirating them. SimplyThick solved that problem for me.”

John L. Moore, SimplyThick user

SimplyThick Nectar

SimplyThick Nectar

SimplyThick comes in a spectrum of thickness varieties to suit every need.

The Nectar Packets are of the lowest viscosity—a mildly thick consistency that’s thicker than water but thinner than SimplyThick Honey Packets.

On-the-Go Convenience

The individual packets allow for easy, discreet transport anywhere. Bring SimplyThick Nectar packets out to eat at restaurants, sporting events, family functions, the office, and more. For your convenience, our packets are now even smaller for discreet carrying and storage.

“When I was first told I had to use a thickener I went to the drug store and bought one of everything on the shelf! I tried ’em all. The SimplyThick packets are handy when you might be on the road or eating in a restaurant. But, we’ve found the thing about SimplyThick, whether in packets or a jug, is the confidence you have in the measurement. 1 or 2 squirts, whisk, let stand for a bit, and you’re home free!”

–  Maxine Lavin, SimplyThick patient

How it Works

Each packet is pre-portioned to thicken 4 ounces of beverage. This means that with a packet and a stir with a fork or spoon, you can thicken liquids like coffee, tea, wine, and even ice cream in seconds.

Storage and Bulk Prep

Because SimplyThick doesn’t continue to thicken throughout its duration in the liquid, you can also prepare your liquids in advance and store them for later—you can even make your favorites in bulk to save you prep time.

“SimplyThick works great for us. It has a more pleasant texture (not clumpy like some other types of thickeners). It is also nice that it doesn’t continue to thicken over time. This allows us to mix it up well in advance of serving it, and means we don’t have to dispose of any unused amounts of liquid immediately after our son is done drinking for a particular sitting.

– Raldan L Thomas, SimplyThick customer

Not sure where to start?

SimplyThick Nectar comes in a variety of packaging types to suit your needs. Start with a box of 80 or 200 individual packets, or try a bulk serving to use on 32 ounces of your favorite beverage. Need a little of both? Try our Nectar Starter Kit, which includes 10 individual packets and one bulk packet so you can choose which size works best for you.

“As a family caregiver of a loved one with dysphagia brought on by a neurological condition and then a stroke, swallowing thin liquids was not an option. The powdered thickening agents took too long to mix and the grittiness never went away. Then I found Simply Thick over 8 years ago by way of a speech therapist.

I have been using it ever since and my loved one keeps hydrated very well. I use it in all manners of liquids – even the beer! If you are a first time user, try the sample packs. You’ll be hooked and then opt for the cases. Those are the most cost efficient. Thank you, SimplyThick for saving my loved one’s life!”

– Claire Baggarly, SimplyThick caregiver

The SimplyThick Story

The SimplyThick Story

SimplyThick creator John Holahan knew that liquid thickeners were a must for people with dysphagia, but he also knew that starch thickeners created lumpy, unappealing, and terrible tasting liquids that never seemed to mix completely.

Through 16 years of development, John has brought SimplyThick from being one of many liquid thickeners to the premiere thickener brand, with thousands of happy customers — both who have used the SimplyThick family of products and families and caregivers of patients in need who have seen success and relief thanks to its smooth, flavorless, reliable formula.

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